Fight Against Sexual Violence (en)

This project represents Canada's contribution to a multilateral effort to assist survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), mostly women and girls. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) works with other international agencies, non-governmental organizations and the DRC government. Canada's contribution is centred in North and South Kivu, two of the worst-affected provinces in the DRC. The project takes an integrated approach in order to respond to all facets of the problem: medical care, psychological support, socio-economic reintegration and access to civilian justice.

Numéro du projet
Statut de l'activité
4 - Post-completion
Type d'aide
B03 - Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by international organisations (multilateral, INGO)


Agence canadienne de développement international
Canadian International Development Agency
UNFPA - Fonds des Nations Unies pour la population
UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund

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Classification Functional

50.0% Mappable
100.0% Mappable

Economic classification

0.0% Capital
100.0% Current

Disbursements by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2012 2399823.0
2009 4299682.875
2006 4539665.175
2007 1339901.175
2010 1819865.775

Commitments by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2006 14398938.0

CRS code % Common Code Budget classification (upper) Budget classification (lower)
Human rights (15160) 30.0 Justice, Law and Order – human rights affairs (2.1.6) Ordre et sécurité publics (3) Justice et tribunaux (3300)
Material relief assistance and services (72010) 30.0 Not mappable
Basic life skills for youth and adults (11230) 20.0 Not mappable
Reproductive health care (13020) 20.0 Health – policy, planning and administration (5.1.1) Santé (7)

Material relief assistance and services (72010)

Amended: previously not mappable
30.0 Social Protection, Land Housing and Community Amenities – emergency relief (5.4.10) Protection sociale, affaires sociales (10) Lutte contre l'exclusion sociale (10700)

Basic life skills for youth and adults (11230)

Amended: previously not mappable
20.0 Education – advanced technical and managerial training (5.3.10) Enseignement (9) Enseignement supérieur technique professionnel et administratif (9420)