Development and Peace - Program 2006-2011 - Africa (en)

This project represents additional support provided to the Development and Peace program for activities in Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this project supports community radio services, the construction of a community center, the reconstruction of a rural main road, and microcredit loans, as well as helping to pay for human and other material resources. In Burundi, the project supports the purchase of goods and services and the construction of storage facilities. In Sierra Leone, the project supports agricultural activities, income-generating activities, seed banks, and the construction of two leadership, training and multi-service centres. The program aims to undertake activities needed to achieve long-term self-sufficiency for vulnerable populations through sustainable, community-based development initiatives. It strives to build more just and equal communities by empowering the poor and their organizations to effectively defend their rights and provide for their needs. It also aims to support and strengthen emerging social movements in order to empower the urban and rural poor so that they can participate in democratic governance, contribute to a reduction in social and gender inequalities and gain better access to and control over resources. The program works with civil society groups to assume responsibility for their own development and to become agents of change striving for social and economic justice. It focuses on improving democratic conditions, strengthening popular organizations, increasing women’s participation in decision making and improving access to resources.

Numéro du projet
Statut de l'activité
4 - Post-completion
Type d'aide
C01 - Project-type interventions


Agence canadienne de développement international
Canadian International Development Agency
Développement et Paix
Development and Peace

Chiffres clés

Classification Functional

67.0% Mappable
67.0% Mappable

Economic classification

0.0% Capital
100.0% Current

Disbursements by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2009 1828387.54647

Commitments by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2008 1828387.54647

CRS code % Common Code Budget classification (upper) Budget classification (lower)
Human rights (15160) 34.0 Justice, Law and Order – human rights affairs (2.1.6) Ordre et sécurité publics (3) Justice et tribunaux (3300)
Public finance management (15111) 13.0 Not mappable
Legal and judicial development (15130) 10.0 Not mappable
Media and free flow of information (15153) 10.0 Other General Services – other general services (1.7.4) Administration Central Publique (1) Autres dépenses des services généraux (1800)
Public sector policy and administrative management (15110) 10.0 Not mappable
Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution (15220) 6.0 Justice, Law and Order – peace building (2.1.10) Défense (2) Autres dépenses concernant la défense (2500)
Business support services and institutions (25010) 6.0 General Economic, Commercial and Labour Affairs – investment promotion (3.1.3) Affaires économiques (4) Economie générale et affaires commerciales (4110)
Environmental education/ training (41081) 3.0 Environment – research/ education and training (4.2.2) Protection de l'environnement, de la faune et de la flore (5) Autres affaires concernant l'environnement (5600)
Health policy and administrative management (12110) 2.0 Health – policy, planning and administration (5.1.1) Santé (7)
Personnel development for population and reproductive health (13081) 2.0 Health – policy, planning and administration (5.1.1) Santé (7)
Biosphere protection (41020) 1.0 Environment – natural resource management (4.2.3) Protection de l'environnement, de la faune et de la flore (5) Lutte contre la pollution (5300)
Education policy and administrative management (11110) 1.0 Education – administration, policy and planning (5.3.1) Enseignement (9) Autres affaires concernant l'enseignement (9800)
Environmental policy and administrative management (41010) 1.0 Environment – policy, planning and administration (4.2.1) Protection de l'environnement, de la faune et de la flore (5)
Primary education (11220) 1.0 Education – primary (5.3.4) Enseignement (9) Enseignement primaire (9120)

Primary education (11220)

Amended: previously not mappable
1.0 Education – pre-primary (5.3.3) Enseignement (9) Enseignement préprimaire (9110)