Pro Huerta Trilateral Cooperation Project (en)

The objective of the Pro Huerta initiative is to increase food security for poor and vulnerable populations in Haiti. It provides Haitian families with assistance and training from professional technicians, as well as tools and seeds. The project also supported the rehabilitation of the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture's infrastructure following the January 2010 earthquake. The project is implemented by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture in collaboration with the Government of Argentina.

Numéro du projet
Statut de l'activité
3 - Completion
Type d'aide
B03 - Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by international organisations (multilateral, INGO)


Agence canadienne de développement international
Canadian International Development Agency
Institut interaméricain de coopération pour l'agriculture
Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

Chiffres clés

Classification Functional

80.0% Mappable
95.0% Mappable

Economic classification

15.0% Capital
85.0% Current

Disbursements by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2012 277935.500745
2008 891934.215
2009 579957.225
2007 1279905.6
2010 559958.7

Commitments by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2007 4173529.77948

CRS code % Common Code Budget classification (upper) Budget classification (lower)
Agricultural education/training (31181) 30.0 Agriculture – agricultural training and extension (3.3.7) AFFAIRES ECONOMIQUES (04) Agriculture (421)
Agricultural inputs (31150) 25.0 Agriculture – inputs (3.3.3) AFFAIRES ECONOMIQUES (04) Agriculture (421)
Food crop production (31161) 25.0 Agriculture – food crop (3.3.4) AFFAIRES ECONOMIQUES (04) Agriculture (421)
Public sector policy and administrative management (15110) 15.0 Not mappable
Democratic participation and civil society (15150) 5.0 Other General Services – support to civil society (1.7.1)

Public sector policy and administrative management (15110)

Amended: previously not mappable
15.0 General Economic, Commercial and Labour Affairs – policy, planning and administration (3.1.1) AFFAIRES ECONOMIQUES (04) Tutelle de l'économie générale et de l'emploi (411)