The project development objective (PDO) of the Disaster and Climate Risk Management Project is to strengthen the State Hydro-meteorological Service's ability to forecast severe weather and improve Moldova's capacity to prepare for and respond to natural disasters. There are four components to the project. Component A: strengthen the SHS's severe weather forecasting capacity. The component aims to strengthen the SHS's ability to forecast severe weather and provide decision-makers and other users with more effective, diverse, and timely forecasts and warnings. Component B: improve disaster preparedness and emergency response. The component aims to strengthen Government capacity to manage emergencies and coordinate disaster response among levels of government agencies units by establishing and operating the Emergency Command Center (ECC), and associated capacity-building activities. Component C: initiate activities for adaptation to climate risks in agriculture. The component aims to improve the practical application of agro-meteorological information in the agriculture sector in order to increase its resilience towards adverse weather effects. Component D: project management. The component will provide fiduciary support to implement components A, B, and C.

Numéro du projet
Statut de l'activité
2 - Implementation
Type d'aide
C01 - Project-type interventions


International Development Association
International Development Association

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Classification Administrative

100.0% Mappable
100.0% Mappable

Economic classification

0.0% Capital
100.0% Current

Disbursements by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2014 1497353.0
2011 657033.0
2010 50000.0
2013 3716385.0
2012 2325140.0

Commitments by fiscal year

Fiscal year Value
2010 10000000.0

CRS code % Common Code Budget classification (upper) Budget classification (lower)
Disaster prevention and preparedness (74010) 100.0 Social Protection, Land Housing and Community Amenities – disaster prevention and preparedness (5.4.11) Other services in respect of public order and national security unassigned to other groups (03-6) Ministry of Internal Affairs (0205) Other services in respect of public order and national security (03-6-9)