Solar Technology for the West African Economic and Monetary Union (en)

The purpose of this project is to establish the Institute for Training in Applied Solar Technology (IFTSA) at the University of Ouagadougou, thereby creating a regional centre of excellence in advanced solar technologies in West Africa. It supports the training of 500 advanced technicians and 100 engineers, of which at least 20% are women. The initiative aims to increase the technical knowledge and teaching capacities of staff of the IFTSA, and to build links between this centre and the private sector involved in the production of solar technologies. Ultimately, the project’s goal is to help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of people living in the poorest rural communities and the poorest communities close to urban areas in the eight member states of the West African Economic and Monetary Union by encouraging countries to optimize the use of solar energy, expediting their economic growth. The project also contributes to environmental sustainability through the promotion of clean, renewable energy.

Numéro du projet
Statut de l'activité
2 - Implementation
Type d'aide
D02 - Other technical assistance


Agence canadienne de développement international
Canadian International Development Agency
École Polytechnique de Montréal

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2013 1693251.11352

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Multisector aid for basic social services (16050) 50.0 Not mappable
Higher education (11420) 50.0 Education – tertiary (5.3.8) Enseignement supérieur (43) Adm générale enseignement supérieur (430)

Multisector aid for basic social services (16050)

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50.0 Energy – power generation (3.6.6) Electricité, pétrole, gaz, combustibles et autres énergies (74) Production d'électricité (744)